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 Darrell, daughter, Cierra, Wife, Ruth and son
Darrell Lynn Jr.  

To all who visit this memorial for the late Darrell L. Ellis, Sr.  Please light a candle in his memory.   This would certainly be a great comfort to his children and family.  
                                                     Thank you very kindly.
         This memorial website was created in the memory of  my precious son,

                                               DARRELL L. ELLIS, SR., 
                            born January 22, 1957, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
      Darrell passed away on July 16, 2001 (a discrepancy of the exact  year of his death is shown on the grave marker:  which is to be corrected the precise date is 2001 ) .                                               
      My heart was broken the morning his sister, Rhonda, informed me, Darrell,  my youngest son, had passed in his sleep.  I thought "OH NO, NOT AGAIN"  Darrell's father passed away at the very young age of 30 years; when Darrell was very young.  I've endured many hurts in my life but none like the loss of my child!  Always, I was very protective of my children but this time I was unable to be with him or comfort him when he took his final breath; I  did not look and simply could not bear to watch my son's body being placed into the cold ground;  although, I knew very well that his spirit was  no longer in his body rather he indeed was at home with the Lord.  
      Darrell suffered severely for 15 years after being hit by a speeding truck.  His sister and  myself nursed him through many, many, very painful situations.  Darrell was always a very private individual;  he did not want anyone to know about his condition.  Following the truck incident most of his memory was lost, especially of his childhood; nevertheless, he battled to regain his memory and independence.  He returned to trade school for electronics where he graduated on the deans list.  However, after his injury, Darrell was never  quite the same person that  his siblings and myself knew him to be as he was growing up. 
       He enjoyed various types of music; gospel; jazz, classical, as well as other types.  Some of his favorite artist were Kenny G.; George Benson;  Earth Wind and Fire; and Stevie Wonder.  His favorite selection by Stevie Wonder was "Ribbons In The Sky".   Darrell was an avid reader; daily he studied the bible.  He enjoyed drawing,  writing poetry; writing in general was a favorite pass time for himself.  As a child he was always extremely interested in electronics.  In his early teens he installed speakers into my new Magnovox stereo (while I was at work and, without my knowledge or permission).  He was basically a quiet man, friendly, inquisitive, and very determined.  I loved his beautiful smile; his hearty laughter and, his very tender heart; he was  always willing to help others.  I enjoyed listening as he, his brother and sister were growing up; always  they played games, joked, matched wits (they each were very witty) and laughed together.  Darrell loved and cherished his family and was very protective of his two precious children.  Darrell was honest trustworthy, and very selective when forming friendships.  He was a moral man who dearly reverenced and loved God.  He is and always will be alive in our hearts and we are at peace knowing he is at home with our Lord.   I was blessed to be his mother.

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Remembering YOU / Nedra Marie Ellis   (Mother)
  Today, January 22, 2015, is the day I was blessed with you.  You've been gone since 2001 and I miss you as though you just left this earth.  I'll never forget you! I'll always love you, my precious son.
As always my heart is with yo / Nedra Marie Thompson Ellis   ( MOTHER)

Thinking of you heavily this Thanksgiving! Wishing that you were here with the family. Although you may not be here physically, we will be linked in love throughout eternity

so confused and in denial / Darrell Ellis Jr   (Son)
Dad lately I've been thinking about you a lot and I just dont understand how a person like you, so full of love, so full of great talents, so full of wisdom, could be gone out of our lives (for now that is). But I'm lost Dad .. I'm lacking a lot of things that you could've given to me like the love and support that I need to push me harder everyday to be great,
and like the skills you had for around the house jobs, and like the wise advice that you could've given me so I would'nt have messed up so badly in my younger days of life.  Dad I don't know how Grandmom does it but she has been a very patient and calm woman since you been gone.  But I get very sad when she is missing you and when everyone else is missing you, like your brother.  I never saw him cry until the day he sat down and talked to me about you and all the things you guys did together ... he really misses having you ariund just like the others  and me.. I'LL  LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER DADDY !!
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Nedra Marie Ellis

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Nedra Marie Ellis

In Loving Memory of my son "Darrell Lynn Ellis"

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