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In memory of my youngest child,Darrell L. Ellis, I'll always love YOU!

Darrell at 2 mos. old with his mother's, mother, Grandmother, Lillie Thompson

Six year old Darrell Lynn Ellis

Darrell and his dog, Ulyses aka Lysie

Very happy after racing a model car he built and winning the race

Darrell as a teenager

Graduation from West Philadelphia High School in 1974 (somehow not very happy)

Darrell and mother - Darrell discharged from hospital following the accident.

Darrell, Rhonda and Ronald

Darrell prior to his marriage.

A very proud new father (Cierra Trina)

Cierra Trina being dedicated to God

Cierra wearing the dress and bonnet that her daddy, Darrell,Sr., made for her

Proud Dad - the day Darrell, Jr. was born

With the family he loved dearly

Family fun at Dorney Park

Darrell, Daughter, Cierra, Son, Darrell, and niece, Erika

Best friends - Darrell and sister Rhonda

Buddies - Darrell and his brother Junnie

Darrell and niece, Rita Kelly
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In Loving Memory of my son "Darrell Lynn Ellis"

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