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January 22
was born in 
The Women's Hospital of Philadelphia 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 January 22, 1957
to proud parents
Nedra Marie Thompson-Ellis and Edmund Otha Ellis, Jr.
 (April 11, 1964) When Darrell's father passed away, we ( his mother, brother, sister) made the following vow:  "Together we will stand and by ourselves we shall fall; it will always be one for all and all for one"  from that day to this present time we love one another unconditionally.  We vowed that when one is hurt we each are hurt; if one experiences misfortune we each share in the struggle.  We love and protect one another's families and, it continues strong to this very day:  
1976 Darrell gained another brother when Darrell's sister, Rhonda married Ronald Kelly. Junnie, Darrell, and Ronald were inseparable.  Until the day Darrell passed away Darrell and Ronald were friends and brothers.    Throughout Darrell's illness, Ronald always was right beside him.  They spent many hours together listening to music, watching sports; basketball and football games etc.  Darrell and Junnie enjoyed playing chess and the three of them spent many hours joking and clowning together.  
In 1976, shortly following his graduation from school for electronics,  while repairing a tire on a car he purchased (his very first car) and using a very old jack handle; the jack handle broke hitting Darrell in his face, pushing his nose to the side of his face, breaking his nose into four places.  He was hospitalized and his nose repaired; however, the injury caused him to blackout at times which we were unaware of.  One evening, while he and his brother (Junnie) were riding their bicycles, Darrell blacked out, riding directly into a speeding truck, which tossed him several feet into the air, landing him onto the windshield of the truck. He bounced off the truck, violently falling to the ground which resulted in a severe concussion and loss of his memory.  From this time Darrell would suffer severely with grand mal seizures for approximately 15 years.   Needless to say, this was an extremely difficult time for me and his siblings; he would experience six violent seizures at a time (in succession) which left him with a decreased heart rate, extreme drop in blood pressure, injury to his mouth due to his teeth chewing his tongue and the inside of his mouth; therefore, he had to be transported urgently by ambulance to the hospital. He'd be unable to eat solid foods for a short period plus his body would be weakened for awhile.  With lots of prayer, dedication, love, and patience, his sister, brother and myself worked with him until he was declared to be seizure free.  Few relatives, and/or acquaintances ever knew of his disability or how he had suffered because Darrell did not want it to be revealed.  At the onset of the seizures Darrell said "I don't want to be putting on shows for people".  Often he would have an attack while on the streets.  Many times I've been called by Emergency facilities from my place of employment because Darrell had a seizure while walking on the street; once falling under a car, often in the middle of the street etc.; once a couple of fellows attempted to rob him of his watch and school ring as he lay unconscious on the street but a passerby found his identification, notified me and the man prevented him being robbed.  Very often Darrell  was taken in a serious condition by ambulance to many of the Philadelphia hospitals.  I will always hold a great deal of respect for the Philadelphia Graduate Hospital Epilepsy Center.  Through many days of break through seizures, pain, setbacks and numerous disappointments,  Darrell never complained or asked "Why me". Nevertheless, once he was given a diagnosis of being seizure free he married his only girlfriend, Ruth Norman, whom he had been engaged to for several years.  Darrell remained seizure free from the time of his marriage until the night, while in his sleep he had a break through seizure; at this time his heavenly Father peacefully called him from this earth.   I thank God that Darrell was able to lead a happy and productive life for the short time he was with us remaining married to his wife, Ruth, and enjoying his precious children, Cierra and Darrell, Jr.   Unwavering faith in God and unconditional love is amazing!  Love if strong enough will endure!!!!!  Togetherness is so very important in families!
Darrell remained true to his marriage vows "Till death do we part" 
until God called Darrell home.
July 16

July 16, 2001, the day before the wedding anniversary of Darrell's sister and brother-in-law (Rhonda and Ronald) Darrell passed away.  When we got the sad news, Rhonda and I hastily went to his house very early that morning.   I looked at his handsome body as he lay in his bed with a slight smile on his face.  With my own eyes I saw the expression on his face and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, my youngest son was at peace when he saw the face of God.  Although, extremely hurt, I was able to accept his homegoing because I knew he was alright now.

July 16
Leaving to cherish the memory of Darrell is his childhood sweetheart and wife Ruth, lovely daughter, Cierra Trina, Ellis, handsome son, Darrell Lynn Ellis, Jr., devoted mother, Nedra M. Thompson-Ellis, brother, Edmund O. Ellis,III, sister, Rhonda L. Ellis-Kelly, Brother-in-law, Ronald Kelly, several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, numerous cousins, and many friends.
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