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Remembering YOU / Nedra Marie Ellis(Mother)
  Today, January 22, 2015, is the day I was blessed with you.  You've been gone since 2001 and I miss you as though you just left this earth.  I'll never forget you! I'll always love you, my precious son.
As always my heart is with yo / Nedra Marie Thompson Ellis( MOTHER)

Thinking of you heavily this Thanksgiving! Wishing that you were here with the family. Although you may not be here physically, we will be linked in love throughout eternity

so confused and in denial / Darrell Ellis Jr(Son)
Dad lately I've been thinking about you a lot and I just dont understand how a person like you, so full of love, so full of great talents, so full of wisdom, could be gone out of our lives (for now that is). But I'm lost Dad .. I'm lacking a lot of things that you could've given to me like the love and support that I need to push me harder everyday to be great,
and like the skills you had for around the house jobs, and like the wise advice that you could've given me so I would'nt have messed up so badly in my younger days of life.  Dad I don't know how Grandmom does it but she has been a very patient and calm woman since you been gone.  But I get very sad when she is missing you and when everyone else is missing you, like your brother.  I never saw him cry until the day he sat down and talked to me about you and all the things you guys did together ... he really misses having you ariund just like the others  and me.. I'LL  LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER DADDY !!
I'll always remember you. / Nedra M. Ellis(Mother)

Today is Monday, May 14, 2012 -  Although I know that you are just asleep and that I'll see you again one day very soon; today is the day after "Mother's Day"  and you never forgot it!  My heart is heavy today as I think of you - You had such a sweet way about you; I loved to hear you laugh and adored your lovely smile.  I simply feel better just expressing what's in my heart although I know you cannot hear me.  I miss you very, very, very much - I love you Darrell


Today is the day after "Mother's Day" - I'm sitting and looking at you.  I love your adorable smile and I find myself smiling back at your picture.  You are my youngest child, my baby (though you were a man) you will always be my baby in my heart.  I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU SO-oooooo much!

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